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Friday Nite Snackdown

There was no avoiding talk of the ‘fight of the century’ over the past few weeks, but we think everyone got it all wrong. The real battle is yet to come at Wandering Cooks, where local food producers will fight it out in an epic Battle Royale, after 5 weeks of tough rounds doing their best to win over our tastebuds. Talk about a barnburner. Every Friday night for the next few weeks, local chefs will go head to head and whip up meals from different themes or cultures, with satisfied diners voting for their favourite at the end of the evening. If they aren’t too tipsy from overindulging at the bar to be trusted with the task, of course. Every week will bring a new and exciting feast to sample, with smashing menus from the likes of Char Baby, who’ll be dishing up French street food, Juan More Taco, with Persian feeds, Danielle Dixon, who’s roasting up a mean suckling pig, and of course veteran snack sensei Ben Devlin. All will be weighing in with their incredible cooking skills to try and take out the final title of Battle Royale champion! Only one team can make it through each week, with other knocked out of the final battle if their eats don’t win over the tastebuds of Snackdown attendees! But with the irresistible feeds on offer, picking a winner each week is going to be the hardest decision you’ve had to make since you had to choose between pancakes and eggs benny for breakfast. If you manage to cast a vote, be sure to get yourself back to Wandering Cooks for the Battle Royale on Friday, June 12 to cheer them on in the final battle – and eat the competing dishes! The weekly Friday Nite Snackdown will continue on after the finale of course, but any excuse for a good feed, right? Words by Sheldon Hikaiti