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Free doughnuts are coming!

Dough-NOT go anywhere! This Monday 30 May, the CBD will ooze with all the jam, Nutella, and caramelly goodness you can handle as popular pastry joint Doughnut Time opens its brand new store. The store will be set in the heart, or possibly stomach, of Brisbane’s CBD, acting as a hole-in-the-wall (or, as we call it, architectural doughnut) stop in King George Square bus station. Hello, pre-commute doughnuts. And post-commute doughnuts. Also, commutes specifically in search of more doughnuts. Please don’t judge us. Every sweet-tooth in the Greater Brisbane Region is familiar with the fresh, crazified, way-too-addictive goodies at Doughnut Time. With their South Bank hole-in-the-wall often crowded so heavily that it’s barely visible, there’s no doubt that this new store will be a hit. The spot will be open from 7.30am til late every day (and it’ll need to be to keep those cravings at bay). Fresh doughnuts will roll out from their Valley kitchen every few hours to ensure maximum freshness. As an added incentive – like we need one – 1,000 free doughnuts will be handed out at the new Doughnut Time grand opening on Monday 30 between 4pm and 6pm. Be there or be square (because doughnuts are round – geddit?). Words by Ranyhyn Akui