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Footy eats: The best takeaway to gr-ease you through the Grand Final

There is something about footy and grease that go hand in hand. They go together like Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, only with less making out and more tomato sauce. As the grand final creeps up on us, fridges all around Australia began to fill with stubbies. The minds of footy lovers and ignored girlfriends alike are racing with thoughts about which takeaway they should order. With beads of sweat running down your face, you face the toughest decision of the decade – deep-fried or baked? As always, our answer is ‘all of the above.’ And if you have a peek below, you’ll see our top picks for deliciously gourmand takeaways. Salt and Papper Calamari | Swampdog | South Brisbane Calamari fried as deep as your opinion of the ref – you two go a long way back. Nothing will emphasise that brilliant kick as much as digging your teeth into a crunchy battered exterior, followed by a hit of salty squid beneath. Fish Bengali | Sultan’s Kitchen | Paddington Indian takeaway has always been a favourite of the masses. Butter chicken, tikka masala and never ending samosas. But what really stands out in the great takeaway phenome-naan? For us it’s this fantastic fish dish from the heart of Paddington. Fish Bengali is comprised of thick, tender fish fillets that are simmered in a rich coconut cream, tomato and onion curry sauce. Ohm nom. The Cheeseburger (Pizza) | Pepperonis | Wishart Cheeseburgers are beautiful. Pizzas are also beautiful. Combine the two and what do you get? Cheesy heaven with a handful of meatballs, topped with lettuce, diced onion, ‘special sauce’ and even more cheese. There was never a dish for the ever indecisive (and the very, very hungry) such as this. Nachos | Sloppies | Spring Hill Sloppies has some of the tastiest, but greasiest, takeaway American feasts in Brisbane. Including the cheesiest nachos this side of the Pacific. If that’s not enough for you (or you just have a lot of manly friends), a kilo of BBQ ribs and wings will last you the whole game. But best throw in a couple of deep fried of Oreos for good measure. Have we tickled your tastebuds? If we’ve missed your favourite takeout steak out (especially if it involves steak) comment below. Otherwise, get those orders in! Words by Julia Hulber