What Your Favourite Foodie Movie Says About You

What your favourite foodie movie says about you

There’s a reason why “what’s your favourite movie?” is a staple of every first date, budding friendship and job interview (at least jobs worth having).

The movies that we watch reveal a lot about who we are. For example, someone who enjoys the work of Will Ferrell is way too easily pleased, but probably knows how to have fun, and someone who sees literally anything with Ryan Gosling and doesn’t immediately feel something is clearly dead inside.

If any of these foodie movies appear on your list of favs, then we’re here to share what that says about you:


You’re stuck in a job that you’re way too good for. You know that you can do your ungrateful boss’ job way better than they can, but “the man” wants to keep you down. One of these days you’re just going to walk out of there. One of these days you’ll be free to chase your dreams, open a food truck and remake the Lion King for some reason.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

You know how to do things the right way. Your bed’s perfectly made without a crease in sight, your bathroom is spotless and sanitised, and you’ve spent years perfecting the feng shui in your living room. It’s a shame that nobody’s ever seen it. Maybe you should actually invite a friend over? Nah, they’d probably just ruin it.


You have a taste for the finer things. You dream of a world of class and sophistication and appreciate the nuanced pleasures that life has to offer. Unfortunately, a rigid class system has deemed you unworthy of such things. That’s right – Ratatouille is deeper than you remember.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Welcome to a world of pure imagination! You live your life with the spirit and whimsy of a child, filling your days with an everlasting series of scrumptious sweets and quirky, fudge-flavoured fun. Sure “normies” might roll their eyes at you, but always remember; a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. Also, you have diabetes.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

You’re a lot like the last guy but way less fun.

Food Inc.

It’s past midday and you’re still in bed. You’ve been wearing the same sweatpants for days despite the growing patches of Soylent stains. You peak behind the curtain and wonder if today’s the day that you’ll step outside. But why? What’s the point? There’s no hope in this world.


Your English teacher was right, over analysing things is fun!

Words by Josh Schultz
- the gourmand who smuggles whole pizzas into the cinema.