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Foodie apps to download today

Your smartphone has so much more to offer than just over-priced take-out delivered to your door, without the need for human contact or putting on pants.

Whether you’re on the hunt for your new favourite restaurant or aiming to expand your expertise in the kitchen, these are our picks for the best foodie apps on the market.


Restaurants just want a full house and we just want a full belly (but, you know, on a budget) and EatClub has found a way to give us all what we want. Even the most in-demand restaurant can’t be overflowing with paying customers at all hours of the day, so to help liven up those pesky slow periods, restaurants can use EatClub to immediately upload last minute deals of up to 50% off, filling their spare tables with hungry patrons. All you have to do is download the app, find a sweet deal near you, click the redeem button and turn up at the advertised time with the digital voucher on your phone. Plus, you get to tell people that you’re a member of EatClub and who doesn’t love to feel included?


That’s right, those videos that were all over your Facebook feed two years ago have their own app! Download to suddenly have access to over 3,000 recipes in your pocket with step-by-step instructions breaking down the method behind the meal. You can even customize and search recipes to suit your dietary needs. Or you can just download to enjoy the colourful time-lapse videos that made Tasty famous – it’s actually kind of hard to turn away.


Leaning into the social side of cooking, BigOven is the foodie Facebook that puts you touch with over 500,000 recipes created by their family of users. Write and track your shopping list, form a weekly meal plan and even post your own recipes to get involved with the community. Best of all, BigOven even boasts a feature where you can type in whatever ingredients you have lying around and recommends a meal that you can make with them. Your mum never taught you to be wasteful.


For those who constantly find themselves short on time or short on skills, HelloFresh is here to make every food-noob feel like a pro in their own kitchen. Sign up and receive fresh, locally sourced, pre-portioned ingredients delivered direct to your door, then follow the recipes and video tutorials on the app to create a quick, healthy meal whenever you like. Showing off your newly-discovered “adult” powers has never been easier thanks to HelloFresh.

Happy Cow

The world is slowly coming around, but our herbivore friends still don’t enjoy the same level of convenience when hunting for a feed. Enter Happy Cow, the healthy eating guide giving you the location of nearby vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free eateries with pics, reviews and every other tool needed when picking the perfect place to eat. Whether you’re full-time, thinking about switching or just looking for something new to munch for lunch, Happy Cow knows exactly where you need to be.

Hungry Jacks Shake ‘n’ Win

Save your judgement, we’ve all done it. It’s a free whopper, don’t pretend that you don’t want it!


It’s not easy making food look as good as it tastes – shockingly, not every restaurant is set up with three-point lighting framing and highlighting the aesthetic beauty of every meal. Then along came Foodie, the food photography app that helps take the perfect snap of your perfect snack. Settings are designed with different styles and textures of food in mind making it simple to make any dish look like a work of art –  that’s right, this is a real thing.

You can’t light up Instagram with stories of your tasty life as a foodie without the right tools, so be sure to check out some of these great foodie apps.

Words by Josh Schultz
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