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Food trends to watch in 2015

Quinoa, kale chips and pork belly may have been the flavour of 2014, but it’s time to move on. Here’s what you should be stuffing your face with in 2015: Brunch Apparently we’re all going to be skipping church and cartoons on Sunday mornings to head out for a feed this year – and we believe it. Breakfast menus are becoming more and more adventures, featuring everything from sardines to fairy floss. The best part? It’s not just resigned to the a.m. anymore, all-day brekky menus are becoming the norm, so you can get your 63 degree eggs at any time of day. Back to basics In-house growing, curing, distilling, churning, ageing, drying, fermenting, pickling, smoking – chefs are more than just chefs these days, with old school cooking skills returning to kitchens everywhere. Less packaged goods means less waste, less nasties and best of all, more deliciousness. We like. Get smoked Everything tastes better when you smoke it, and we’re not just talking about salmon and ham. This will be the year of smoked and charcoal roasted foods, with meats, cheese, butter and even cocktails getting the fiery treatment. A few restaurants are getting so into the trend that they’re smoking their goods in house. And we’re glad they are! Yakitori Grilled things on sticks. The new kind of shared dining that doesn’t lead to sticky fingers. And what kind of Aussie doesn’t like a good grilled feed? Brisbane’s yakitori masters, Bird’s Nest, have recently been joined by Bincho and Nikuya among others, so we’re pretty sure this is one trend that’s on the up.  foodtrends2015yakitoribrisbane Savoury cocktails and fortified wines Basically, bacon in cocktails is a thing. Savoury cocktails don’t just mean tomato juice and vodka anymore, they mean spicy, salty and umami cocktails, beefed up with small batch whiskeys and liqueurs. Goodbye flavoured vodka, hello herbal liqueur! And making a comeback after being relegated to Nan’s liquor cabinet for decades, sherry, port and vermouth and the like are about to hit shelves in a big way. Outrageous desserts We’re the first to admit we often skip dinner and go straight to dessert – but it has to be a dessert worth ditching the main course for. Restaurants are outdoing themselves when it comes to tempting our sweet tooth, and it’s only going to get better with crazy ice-cream flavours, layers of taste and texture and intriguing combinations showing up in dessert menus everywhere. foodtrends2015vegetablesVegetables Veggies are not just being relegated to a side salad any more – they’re fast becoming the main attraction. Stuffed, stacked, rolled or just delicately arranged on a plate, vegetables like celery root, cauliflower and kohlrabi are being used in some very creative ways. In Brisbane there are 8 course meals dedicated to the garden goods at Urbane and The Foraging Quail. They’re even popping up in ice cream and yogurt. Meatless Monday just got interesting. Bringing restaurants home Gourmet cooking at home is on the rise, especially with so many talented chefs sharing their recipes in cookbooks. All well and good for anyone who knows the difference between frangipane and frangipani but what about the rest of us? For those who can’t roast a chook to save their life, there’s catering companies like Dalton Catering, who will do all the hard work of whipping up a six course dinner for your guests for you. One supposed trend we simply refuse to give credence to is the turn towards insects as a new protein source. Sorry, but we can’t see grasshopper burgers ever taking off. Words by Ranyhyn Akui