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Food Banter with NKB Express

Not content with just bringing sleek and sophisticated East Coast dining to the western suburbs, the team from Nantucket have opened the doors on another venue at Indooroopilly, this one fun, retro and fast. NKB Express is diner-style dining the way it should be, with cheerful eats like bagels, waffles, burgers and giant frosty milkshakes which can be taken away for a speedy meal or eaten in the diner’s cosy booths. But you’ll find much better fare here than at your usual takeaway, with a charcoal oven in the kitchen, grass-fed and organic meats on those burgers and a whole lot of goodies on the menu made in-house, including their sauces, jams and ice cream. We had a chat to Chris Sell, Head Chef at the groovy diner, about what goes on in the kitchen at NKB Express. Describe what it is NKB Express does so well in a sentence, you’re allowed to be modest. Simple but tasty food with great flavours and house made condiments, fast. Tell us who, of all the amazing things that you create at NKB Express, is your favourite child? Probably the meat packer burger, one of our chefs had a recipe for bacon jam and we spent about three months perfecting it. Strangest thing you ever did to come up with a concept, menu item or product? Again, it would have to be the bacon jam – strange but delicious. How did NKB Express begin? We just saw a gap in the market in the western suburbs so when a venue came up, we jumped on it. What does a typical week at work involve for you, besides “Full on!” Brisbane markets in the morning for all our fresh produce, then working breakfast, lunch and dinner and finishing off the day with an ice cold beer. What local Australian producers and suppliers would we find in the NKB Express kitchen? We currently use diamantine beef and pork collar butt from Called Valley. What goodies do you make in-house and what inspired you to do so? The chipotle BBQ sauce, our Hershey’s chocolate sauce for our waffles and of course that amazing bacon jam, as well as our ice cream. Homemade is always better, both in taste and freshness. The charcoal oven is an interesting way to cook burgers, what’s the story behind opting for that in your kitchen? It just creates a different flavour profile, we have a big charcoal oven at Nantucket and we put a smaller one we previously had there in at NKB Express to create the same flavours. Is all your meat organic/grass fed? Yep, all our beef is grass fed and our chicken is organic! We’re pretty impressed that all your burger buns, rolls and bagels can be made gluten free, was it a challenge to find tasty gluten free products? It was, it took us about three months to find the right baker who could do exclusively what we wanted. Will gluten free waffles be on the menu any time soon? I’m currently working on recipes for the gluten free waffles, so stay tuned! I think another 4-6 weeks and they’ll be perfected. Where/what was the last great meal you ate in Brisbane? My last great meal was at Gerard’s Bistro, such a cool concept and really interesting food.They had us at bacon jam! Words by Ranyhyn Akui