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Food Banter with Hayden Quinn

Hayden Quinn’s been a popular face on Aussie screens since 2011, when he appeared on MasterChef (what were the odds that someone so charming could cook, too?). The saucy Cleo Bachelor of the Year loves nothing more than sharing his passion for quality produce and handy recipes, so we sated our appetite by chatting to him about what’s on his mind (or, err, plate). What inspired your love of food? My love for food started out in the kitchen at home with mum, she taught me all the basics and gave me the skills and confidence to basically have a go at cooking whatever I wanted, from cooking at home with mum to travelling and eating and cooking around the world, and just reading and watching food programs on TV and online. These days the inspiration comes from all around me and it’s hard not to be surrounded by food in such a food loving country. What has been the best thing to come out of competing on MasterChef? I get to do what I love every single day. Out of all the recipes you’ve created, what’s your favourite? Hmmmmm haha this is a tricky one! I think one of my favourites was a really simple chicken wing dish which I created for a new book which is coming out later this year! Simple, tasty, sharing food that goes really well with a beer, haha. hayden quinn 2 Do you have any new and exciting projects in the works? There are always lots and lots of things going on, one of the big ones at the moment is Dan Churchill and I are doing a little remake on the old Surfing the Menu franchise, putting our own spin on it and taking the show to new and exciting places (including the around the Hampton area!). If we took a peek in your fridge, what would we find? Haha that would depend on the day of the week and when I went to the shop last! I always have good pasture raised eggs, mustard, pickles of all varieties and then a heap of green veg, plus a sneaky bar of chocolate! What’s your go-to quick, throw together dinner at home? Steak, sautéed green beans and mustard, a real blokey dish! What’s your secret guilty pleasure? Chicken burgers haha, I am a bit of a connoisseur! Something I love to have after doing some serious exercise! Where would we find you when you’re not in the kitchen? Sitting at my computer working! Where/what was the last great meal you ate in Brisbane? Ohhh, I was lucky to attend Regional Flavours a few years ago and to be able to be treated to food there was really unreal, that’s why I am so looking forward to the Hampton Festival. I also saw the G&G article on ‘Brisbane’s best ramen’ and I think I must visit a couple of those spots next time I am in town! I love ramen! Hayden Quinn | Hampton Festival