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Food Banter with Fiori Bakehouse

Combining two of our favourite things in life, booze and desserts, Anna Phillips has fulfilled a dream we didn’t even know we had with her alcohol-spiked Brisbane cupcakes. They aren’t the only treat she expertly bakes up for local markets and events of course, with cone pops, tartlets and meringue drops also on her irresistible product list, but they’re certainly the ones that caught our eye when we spotted Fiori Bakehouse at Wandering Cooks’ recent Small Batch event. A creative genius in the kitchen, Anna has thought up everything from cupcakes topped with cookie dough and doughnuts (OMG) to a One Direction shrine made from only from cupcakes (she was an impressionable young 15 year old, ok). She took some time out of her busy baking schedule to chat to us about how it all came about. Describe what it is you do so well in a sentence, and don’t be modest. I deliver on flavour and design and make more than just a cupcake, I make an experience. How did it all begin? I had to take cupcakes to school one day in year 11, and I decided to use a packet mix as I wasn’t confident enough to make them myself. This evolved into me believing in myself, pushing the boundaries and creating my own recipe. I then started experimenting with unique and different flavours. When I left school I decided to follow my passion and trained to be a patisserie chef. This gave me the knowledge to take my cupcakes to the next level; I wanted to appeal to an older audience and cater for styled events. I saw a gap in the market and I desperately wanted to fill it! How do you come up with your ideas? I’m intrigued by the unique spices that are the base to many liqueurs and take inspiration from well-liked cocktails such as the Cosmo or Mojito. I love to focus on complex flavours and match up specific alcohols that fuse through the cupcake base beautifully. Wait for the flavours to bounce off your taste buds! Out of all the products you bake, what’s your fave? Definitely my alcohol spiked cupcakes – Honeycomb Southern Comfort to be exact, the flavours are perfectly balanced. It looks gorgeous but also tastes amazing with the shot of Southern Comfort and homemade honeycomb. Is there a lot of drunken midnight baking in your line of work? There may be a few sneaky midnight indulgences, in my line of work it’s bound to happen! fiori bakehouse brisbane cupcakesWhat is your proudest achievement to date? Honestly my proudest achievement is my business itself, I took a leap of faith by choosing not to go to uni when I left school and instead followed my passion and my dream. I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Are there any Australian producers, suppliers or thinkers inspiring you at the moment?  Wandering Cooks! What they are doing for the food community is amazing. The list literally does not end, whether it’s hiring their kitchens out to up and coming chefs, supporting small businesses or introducing new and exciting ways to enjoy food. They’re leading the food industry in Brisbane and are such an inspiration to me. Where do you hope to be one day? Is there a cupcake and cocktail bar somewhere in your future? Who knows maybe it’s not too far away… A nightspot where friends can eat, drink and enjoy beautiful surroundings with amazing food would be amazing. Where/what was the last great meal you ate in Brisbane? It was at The Foraging Quail in New Farm, I had the 6 course Omnivore menu and it was like nothing else I’ve had in Brisbane, the food was absolutely incredible and the dessert definitely left me most impressed. How can we get our mitts on a piece of you?  Simply look Fiori Bakehouse up on Facebook, we update it all the time and if we have markets or events coming up we’ll post details, but if you can’t wait and simply need to order a dozen or two just email