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Focus feeds

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Put down the energy drink, sleepy-eyed/ high-strung/ overworked reader. If you want to improve your cognitive superpowers (i.e. focus, productivity, thinking and memory), then add the following brain foods to your shopping list. Ease up on the coffee, and start nourishing those neurons, stat. Dark chocolate: The compounds in cocoa called flavanols stimulate blood flow to the brain, helping you feel awake and alert, as well as lowering blood pressure and regulating cholesterol. The caffeine content in antioxidant rich dark chocolate helps to maintain mental sharpness, too. Finally, the perfect excuse to snack on sweets (in moderation, of course!). Walnuts: A handful of walnuts promote blood flow and deliver oxygen to the brain. So keep a stash of these heart healthy goodies in your top drawer! Leafy greens: Listen to your nagging mother, and start incorporating more greens into your diet. Studies suggest eating two or more daily servings of vegetables (especially leafy greens) will improve your mental focus. And if you’re suffering from vending machine withdrawals, why not try kale chips? They’re so good. Wholegrains: Eat some wholegrain cereal or toast for breakfast to sustain your energy and improve mental focus. Plus skipping a meal is totally unheard of at G&G. Eggs: The humble, protein-packed egg has a vast range of health credentials; but most importantly, it’ll give you the energy to tackle that tricky task. Avocados: This is one of our favourite brain foods. Thank you, healthy monosaturated fats for improving our blood flow and vascular health. Gum: It’s not technically food, but you’ll find yourself more alert during a stressful task while chewing gum. Make sure it’s sugar free though; we don’t want to be responsible for your tooth decay. Water: Don’t let your body (and brain) suffer by not sipping enough H2O. Instantly improve your decision-making and short-term memory with at least two litres of water a day (that’s pretty much eight glasses). Tea: Not only does tea refresh and relax you, it also helps with alertness and focus. Tea drinking will help you maintain attention throughout the day, thanks to its compounds of L-theanine and caffeine. It’s an easy way to maintain hydration levels, too.   Lauren Maynard