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Five things you didn’t know you could do with cheese

If you’re anything like us, anytime is a gouda time for cheese.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner (or brunch, second breakfast, afternoon tea, dessert, let’s be real), it doesn’t matter; if you’re having a bit of a blue day, cheese consumption can only make it fetta. And the only way cheese can brie made better is when its consumption is supporting a local business we know and love, right?  So let us introduce you to Woombye Cheese Company, a fromage fan’s dream that was started by Graeme and Karen Paynter.  As the name suggests, this un-brie-lievable establishment is tucked away in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland at Woombye, and rolls out some of the most delectable artisan cheeses for fine restaurants and fellow cheese fans alike. In the spirit of all things cheese, we gift you five dair(y)ing, but delightfully easy cheesy recipes. So you can meet your daily cheese needs, using some of the gratest fresh and fabulous local fromage in the process.
#1. Camembert bread bowl
If you camembert to have a party without cheese, here’s a fresh idea using everyone’s favourite creamy cheese.  Even if you’re a little less Gordon Ramsey and a little more instant ramen when it comes to cooking, fret not, because this recipe is so easy even a mouse could master it.  Take a round bread loaf, slice off the top, hollow it out, replace bread with wonderful Woombye camembert with the top rind cut off, bake for 15 minutes at 180C and season to taste. So easy, so cheesy, and so, so good.
#2. Apple-cheddar waffle panini
You cheddar believe your favourite cheesy staple has more uses than your classic savoury sandwich.  Take a few slices of Woombye’s vivacious vintage cheddar, slice up some apple and slide the two between a pair of the gratest thing to come out of Belgium (it’s waffles guys, waffles). Drizzle with maple syrup, toast to perfection and you will have a savoury dessert delight sure to make you melt.  Find a step-by-step guide here
#3. Blue cheese mashed potatoes
We didn’t think mashed potatoes could get any better either, but mixing in some of your favourite funky fromage will definitely do it. For those days when you need some warm and filling comfort food, mashed ‘taters featuring Woombye’s finest Blackall Blue will turn that frown upside down.  Head here if you need ‘tater tips.
#4. Brie wrapped in prosciutto and brioche
To brie, or not to brie? If that one’s a no-brainer, we have a brie-liant recipe for you.  Take some bread dough (homemade or not, how dedicated are you?) and roll it out flat.  Then take some Woombye Triple Cream Brie and wrap it in prosciutto, and then wrap it inside the dough like a parcel of cheesy joy and bake. Prepare yourself for a savoury sensation that’ll make sure you never dis-a-brie about how great cheese is, ever again. Find a more detailed recipe here.
#5. Fries with creamy fetta dip
We, like all fans of cheese, believe that fetta will make it better (regardless of what “it” is). So next time you need a delightful dip for your favourite fried food why not get around this option for the die-hard fetta fan. Take some of the crowd-pleasing Persian fetta on offer at Woombye, mix it with a few choice spices, some yoghurt and mayo, and voila! You have a cheesy alternative much fetta than your classic tomato sauce.  Make your dip dreams come true following the recipe here. Stilton not sold on how grate cheese it? You gouda brie kidding! Words by Araminta McLennan