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Five Ridiculously Delicious Cheesecakes

Cheesecake is like the sister you never had. She never judges. She never lies. When you’re down, she’ll perk you right up. What’s better, is that when you get sick of said sister you can quickly throw together the ingredients for a new one. Will she be fruity or chocolatey? It’s up to you. To make your life easier (or complete), we’ve gathered the greatest (and easiest) cheesecake recipes. Dig in to these badboys before we beat you to it. Joy the Baker | Salted Caramel Cheesecake Pie Joy has us wrapped around her little finger. She takes the usual recipes you pull from the Coles magazine (don’t deny it) and turns it into a unique specialty. Her amazing concoction of ginger, vanilla, lemon and sea salt has taken cheesecake to the next level. Nigella Lawson | Cherry Cheesecake Ah the classics – you can find them at The Cheesecake Shop but they don’t open at 12:00am when your cake-craving really kicks in. Not to worry, Nigella has you covered! This super quick, cheesecake-for-dummies recipe will kick that craving right in the digestion. The Stone Soup | Little Baileys Cheesecakes Are you seeking something a little different? Something with a bit of ‘oomph’? You could always sneak an ounce of  Baileys into your cheesecake. We’re not going to judge. In fact, we encourage it. These delicious, bit-sized energy nugget only have five ingredients: biscuits, ricotta, cream cheese, sugar and (of course) Baileys. This is probably the secret to the Irish charm. SBS | Italian Ricotta Cheesecake Ode to the trusty SBS – the “Torta di Ricotta” they call it. Candied citrus peel, rum-soaked sultanas and creamy ricotta. Who could ask for anything more? Life, Love & Sugar | Oreo Cheesecake This is one of those recipes you think only exist in your dreams. Think again. This is the cheesecake equivalent to some seriously thick, fulfilling cookies ’n’ cream ice-cream. Thankfully, the cheesecake phenomenon is forever ongoing. Make sure you get experimenting with these mouthwatering recipes! Words by Julia Hulbert