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Five downright delicious ways to enjoy melted cheese

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Mmmmmmm, cheeeeese. Its characteristics come to life at room temp with wine and conversation, but when cooked, you’re taken to a whole other level. Here are a few classic takes on cooked cheese that’ll have you installing a cheese room in your house stat! Grilled Haloumi | Wholesome Cook Here’s an easy recipe on how to make haloumi yourself, in turn fooling everyone into thinking you’re a genius. The best way to cook this cheese is to shallow fry in a little olive oil, and once golden, douse generously with lemon juice. Watermelon is my favourite haloumi pairing. Think cubes of cold, sweet flesh with thinly sliced red onion, torn, lemon soaked haloumi, toasted pistachios dressed with a little more lemon juice, EVOO and heaps of freshly ground pepper. Add a piece of grilled snapper, some crusty bread and a glass of Sauv Blanc and you have an instant, elegant lunch. Fried Brie | Crumb Baked brie is ridiculously good, but fried? Out of this world. Use the same method that you do for crumbing chicken, fish or lamb cutlets. The crumbing here though, sticks to the cheese rind and that first mouthful is crunchy bliss. Be warned, the oozy middle will burn your chin. I love fried brie served whole on a wooden board with a little homemade chutney to help cut the fat. Little individual wedges with their own spoonful of cranberry jelly and toasted walnuts, are also great for party nibbles. Drink with pear cider. Mac ‘n Cheese | Taste My favourite part of a mac ’n’ cheese feast is the day after. It’s perfect on an open omelette with more cheese and a generous handful of spring onions. No need for toast, there’s enough carbs in that thing to feed an Olympian. I would though, serve with some thinly sliced apple, dressed with lemon, EVOO and salt. Your indigestion free stomach will thank me later. Blue Cheese & Cheddar Sweet Potato Fries | Sweet Treats More It’s Monday night and raining outside. You’ve thrown on your jim jams and decided you can’t be bothered with one more thing. Monday has almost beaten you. Come out fighting I say. Throw a batch of these in the oven, prep your clothes for tomorrow’s war, choose your movie, open a beer and hey presto; Monday suddenly turned into the best day of the week. Cheese Fondue | Use Real Butter This retro pot of goodness is making a BIG comeback. You can pull it out for impromptu pop overs, planned UNO gatherings and Sven’s sister’s homecoming. The dipping options are endless. A quick pull out of your crisper drawer will dictate what you do. I like blanched broccoli with Tabasco, Spanish onion wedges grilled with a little brown sugar, pieces of fresh horseradish, sliced apple or pear, chunks of pan fried speck, of course heaps of fresh bread. Apple cider is my choice here. If I haven’t converted you to the joys of cooked cheese, then I’m sorry but it would appear you’re a lost cause. Perhaps you’d prefer some sweet options………cheesecake or strudel anyone?  Words by nims xx