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Five dessert cookbooks to live by

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I don’t know about you, but for me, EVERY meal must finish with a sweet morsel. I sometimes try to trick myself with a square of sugar free chocolate, but seriously who am I kidding? Here is a list of dessert cookbooks that will take you from the decadent heights of over the top goodness to small bites of (almost) guilt free pleasure. Let’s not deny ourselves any longer! Make It With A Cake Mix | Lizzy Early Do you love the taste of treats made by hand, but don’t have the time or the inclination? Lizzy Early has a brilliant solution: cake mix. This clever book has recipes that ensure all of the flavour and none of the hassle, including rich red velvet doughnuts. Family and friends will never believe that these gourmet goodies came from a box. I wont tell them if you don’t. Promise! Fruit Is Not Dessert | Joan Holcomb Dessert is a food specifically prepared for the sole purpose of satisfying one’s sweet tooth. Yes, fruit is not a dessert; fruit is a snack. Even if you’re watching your weight, the notion that it could be a dessert is just ridiculous. Joan has paved the way for you to eat dessert, lose weight and add meringue to your fruit. Priceless. I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook | Sarah Wilson Those of you who are riding the ‘sugar is poison’ train are covered in this little gem. Sarah Wilson has 74 fructose-free cakes, fudges, truffles, brownies, smoothies, cheesecakes, mousses, ice-creams and barks on offer to reward you for your abstinence. The peanut butter chocolate cheesecake has this pseudo health nuts’ approval! Lost Desserts; Delicious Indulgences Of The Past | Gail Monaghan This stunning book is quite OTT in its homage to the glamorous era of the decadent dessert trolley with American classics as the Brown Derby’s Orange Chiffon Cake and Parisian Elegance with Escoffier’s Mont Blanc. Don’t look so scared! The recipes have been adapted for the home cook and updated for the modern palate to taste as good. This cookbook has it all, from bavarians, crèmes, charlottes, mousses, puddings, fools, jellies, to frozen desserts, and soufflés, crepes, and custards, as well as, of course, cakes, pies, tarts, and tortes. Pull out the Absinthe ladies and gentlemen. Decadent Desserts | Countess Cristina De Vogue If you’d like a side of voyeurism with your truffles, step in. This beautiful book opens with a history of the Chateau Vaux le Vicomte; the inspiration behind Versailles. I kid you not. Each recipe has been personally selected by the Countess and photographed in the interior of the Chateau. Don’t get the pages dirty with your chocolate fingers! As I write this, I’m finishing my lunch with some chocolate chia pudding. Point proven. Words by nims xx