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Five chocolate recipes you won’t know how you ever lived without

Chocolate. Just saying that word invokes sighs of relief all over the room. We’ve all become emotionally entangled in its web, completely dependent on its every concoction, inextricably linked through every occasion. Now I’m going to make it worse and give you five versions of chocolate idolatry that will master everyone and everyone should master – oh the irony. Julia Childs’ Chocolate Mousse | Doughmesstic Not to have this version in your repertoire would be a sin. Classically beautiful in both dish and author, the mousse will also love you back. Pipe into little chocolate cups for a sweet addition to your high tea stand, spread between two chocolate sponges before you pour over melted chocolate instead of icing, pipe between layers of coffee dipped savoiardi biscuits and sliced strawberries, spread over a thin layer of cooked brownie and salted caramel…. I could go on and on. On second thought, just dip spoon into glasses and eat. Raymond Blanc’s Chocolate Fondant | Health Inspirations Chocolate-Fondant15 Don’t let the source fool you. These puddings are far from healthy, just the way they should be. If you haven’t had a fondant, you really are missing out. My mum used to call them lava puddings when I was a kid, and they made me very excited. They do require a little extra effort and attention paid to measurements and oven temperature. In other words – focus. But it will be well worth it when the soft centre oozes out over your plate, matched with the slight crunch on the edges. Balance the richness with some double cream and sour berries. Once mastered, show off every chance you get. Chocolate Fondue | Hoosier Homemade Chocolate-Fondue Forget going out for chocolate dipped goodies, here’s a recipe that requires just two ingredients. Yes beautiful people: TWO. It really is that simple. Chocolate and condensed milk. If you don’t want it that sweet, replace the condensed milk with cream. Need dairy free? Swap for coconut cream. You can be flash and add granulated coffee for a mocha fondue, grate orange zest with your micro plane for jaffa fondue or crumble peppermint crisps into the mix for after dinner freshness. Dip in all the usual suspects or branch out and try salted popcorn, candied oranges, dried goji berries, donut holes and pretzels. Or go all out and try with (and I know how weird this sounds) hot salted chips. Prepare to be amazed. Chocolate Truffles | Naomi Cakes Truffles2 (28)ed Once again, two ingredients. See? This chocolate caper is easy! Heat cream, pour into chocolate, mix, set overnight, scoop in balls, roll in festivity. Easy (and messy). The Best Chocolate Cake Ever | Add a Pinch chocolate-cake-DSC_1788 You need to know how to make a chocolate cake, but the chocolate cake you bake needs to taste and feel like it has taken hours of effort and love. This is one of those cakes BUT it requires 15 minutes of no skill and one bowl to produce the most amazing, moist, kiss your mother cake you will ever eat. Seriously. Master these legends of chocolate, present your new found skills on a whim for any occasion and the room will hold you in VERY high esteem. Or just make them for yourself. After all, do we really want to share our chocolate?  Words by Nims.