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Fit for a Prince

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Drambuie is an alluring Highland tipple steeped in myth, it all began almost 268 years ago in July 1746 after the Battle of Culloden. Prince Charles Edward Stuart gave away the secret recipe to his personal liqueur to the brave clansmen of Clan Mackinnon for helping him escape the King’s men, after he attempted an uprising against the British crown. This treasured gift was passed down through the generations and became what we know today as Drambuie. Drambuie is created by blending a premium aged scotch whisky with a secret blend of heather honey, spices and herbs which include cloves and saffron for their medicinal properties. It is a soft and smooth drink with a deep golden colour, the aromas of aged malt whisky are permeated with deep heather honey notes with a mix of exotic florals, cloves and herbs throughout, finishing with a voluptuous mouth feel. Our favourite ways to have Drambuie are as a drink over ice with some muddled limes, or served in a dessert fit for a prince where it is added to whipped cream that is then topped with fresh raspberries and lightly toasted oats, truly an experience worth having. Words by James Cooper.