PSA: Fishbowl are giving away free bowls this weekend!

PSA: Fishbowl are giving away free bowls this weekend!

Run, don't walk.

It’s one of the few fast-food restaurants that actually offer fresh and healthy meals, and we’re so excited to announce that Fishbowl is finally coming to Brisbane! 

Set to open in Gasworks Plaza on Saturday, July 16, this cult-favourite from down south is the health kick we’ve been waiting oh so patiently for, and we reckon it’s about to make serious waves here in the sunshine state.

To kick off their launch in Brisbane with a splash, Fishbowl will offer FREE bowls to their first 100 customers, accompanied by live music, merch giveaways and FELLR seltzer. Sign us up! 

Fishbowl grows, where possible, all of their produce to ensure only natural ingredients are used, and every store, including Brisbane, has an open kitchen offering a transparent view of the process. Just like a real life fishbowl. 

Now, the numbers don’t lie when it comes to their bestseller, the OG bowl, which ends up in over 10,000 tums every single week! With salmon sashimi, kale, edamame, beetroot, crispy shallots and plenty of salty seaweed on top of your choice of base, Fishbowl salads ain’t your typical salads – but they’re our kind of salads, so we know you’ll love ‘em as much as we do. 

For more information on Fishbowl’s Brisbane launch, keep an eye on their socials or swim on over to their website!

Words by Elyssa Weavers
- The converted gourmet salad-lover