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When you finish work at 6 but your hot date is at 7, you’re going to want to keep it central – stick to the CBD.

Known more for its business district, shopping and Jojo’s (VALE) than dating, the city is actually home to some of Brisbane’s best date haunts. We don’t claim to be dating experts, but we do know what would impress us, so bring your makeup bag or a change of shirt to work because baby we are taking you out!

Lennon’s Bar & Restaurant

Queen Street. It’s better known for Myer and Sportsgirl than it is for fine dining, but Lennon’s is the jewel in the mall crown. Start at the rooftop bar with a glass of wine and some oysters to accompany your awkward small talk, then wander into the restaurant and choose from main plates like twice cooked pork belly and slow cooked beef rib, as well as entrees such as Harvey Bay Scallops and Liquorice Root Pork Cheek. Be cute and eat off their plate, they’ll love it.

Red Hook

Want to suss out quickly if they’re a keeper? Don’t mind getting messy? If you believe a person’s character is defined by how many fried pickles they can down, Red Hook is for you. With classic items like philly cheese steaks, NYC hot dogs, and kaarage chicken burgers Red Hook might not be fine dining, but it’s undeniably delicious. Impress your date by unhinging your jaw and swallowing a cheeseburger whole – if they’re not impressed, they’re not for you. Also – The Gresham is next door, so whether it’s a success or a bust – celebrate or commiserate with an old fashioned or three. The Lab

Madame Rouge

When it comes to a first date, sometimes you have to pull out all the stops. As mind blowing as a cheeseburger is, sometimes that lucky guy or gal will have higher expectations, so thank the culinary gods for Madame Rouge. With their failsafe three course menu, you’ll look like you know your Poisson from your potato gems with dishes like gratinated goats cheese soufflé, streak frites and tarte au citron with lavender ice-cream. Pretend you know the difference between a chablis and a chardonnay as you sip your way through their extensive wine list. We won’t tell if you don’t! Coyotito

Comuna Cantina

Sharing is caring, and what better way to prove you’re a giver – not a taker – than by dining at Comuna Cantina? Prove your culinary skills by assembling a Masterchef worthy feast from their DIY Taco board, or dig into some of the street snacks like plantains with guacamole or sweet potato chips. Wash it down with a jug of sangria, or if you’re feeling flirty – a jug of My Latin Lover. Looking for a sweet to seal the deal? Show your true gangsta status and pimp up your Espresso Martini with Tim Tams, Nutella or Mint Slice.

So now you know where to go all you need is a new outfit, some fun ice breakers and, well, date. Just don’t ask us where to find one – we’re in a committed relationship with food.

Words by Emma Callaghan

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who is a date expert but not in a good way.