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Finiky Patisserie's gluten-free treats

Don’t get your gluten-free pastries in a twist, there’s a new bakery in town that just took fresh treats out of the oven. Brisbane’s first solely gluten-free patisserie in Taringa, Finiky, brings to life a myriad of treats perfectly tailored for those sensitive to food allergens. Finiky aspires to eliminate worry, provide choice, and produce a gluten, dairy, soy, sulphites, yeast, preservative and additive free treat, that, and I quote, doesn’t taste like cardboard. At yeast they put some thought into how palatable their gluten free options would be. If you think a store that sells an entirely gluten free menu sounds corny (because corn flour – geddit? #sorrynotsorry), wait until you witness the array of baking that owners Lisa Trickey and daughter Jamie have crafted for your enjoyment, including – but not limited to – cakes, tarts and biscuits. If you’re not a fan of quinoa yet, you will be after you try a quinoa filled Anzac biscuit. Finiky also focus on the quality of the coffee they serve, with allergenic options that aren’t your regular run of the milk. The patisserie offers a choice of almond and rice milk, deviating from the normal (but losing popularity) non-dairy soy option. And, just when you think Finiky couldn’t be more enticing, they also offer casual dining options for breakfast and lunch, if a baked treat won’t fulfil your sans-gluten hanger. Breakfast granolas, salads and wheat-free sangers, here we come! We love the idea of having a regular, but always want to try new things as well, and Finiky has perfectly glu-tened those two notions together by making their patisserie menu-free. This means that everything Finiky has to offer is fresh, locally sourced and made with seasonal produce, perfect for a regular revamp of your allergen-free diet. Finiky’s opening hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 6.30am – 4pm. Finally, somewhere we can have our cake and eat it too! Words by Lucille Burkitt