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Find your one true food truck love with Brisbane Food Trucks

Got a few food trucks you’ve been eyeing up on social media but have never actually managed to hunt down and find? Well Brisbane City Council has done you a delicious favour with the launch of its website Brisbane Food Trucks. A portable foodie’s delight acting as your personal food truck library to let you know when and where you can catch great street eats, the site will have you eating your way through those roaming restaurants in no time at all – no research necessary. The mobile-friendly site offers listings of Brisbane’s food trucks, when they’re serving, what they’re serving (with full menus to let you know how much that pork slider will set you back) and, with directions, the site can even help you get there. A ‘serving now’ tab gives you up-to-date info on what’s serving near you right now or  later, because when it comes to stuffing your face, a little pre-planning never goes astray. Each listed truck even comes with a photo of its signature fare and plenty of social media links so you know how to tag your triumphant Instagram post. Craving something a little more specific? Don’t worry, you can search by filters for specific cuisines and once you find something that takes your fancy. Brisbane Food Trucks will give you an up-coming schedule for the truck, so you know where and when you can find your one, true food truck love. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, check out the ‘social’ tab for a collection of the food trucks’ latest social media offerings with pics and posts to get you in the food truck mood.  It’ll also keep you up to date with the latest news and events – so you can start filling up your calendar straight away. Check out Brisbane Food Trucks and revel in the full power of the Internet as you hunt down your food truck soul mate. Words by Jessica Gregory