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Finally, a salad spot for the meat lovers!

Slaves to salad are sure to salivate in satisfaction with the grand opening of Graceville’s glorious Greens and Grains on Honour Avenue this week. Salad stores stocking artisan breads, picture-perfect baked goods and bold vibrant vegetable matter have already proven to be a crowd-favourite in Brisbane. What makes Greens and Grains stand out, however, is that they also cater for our carnivorous companions! greens and grains 2Their luscious salads are an inventive medley of textures, with flavours almost as bold as their broccoli wallpaper. Without a limp leaf in site, the greenery is far from your ordinary ‘bag of mixed cos with thousand island dressing.’ Feast your eyes upon the likes of their mushroom and tarragon quiche, the turmeric cauliflower with pomegranate and tahini dressing, the shredded beetroot with orange blossom, the kale Caesar salad, roast carrots with freekah, or spiced sweet potato with lentils and candied walnuts, and it may almost be enough to turn you into a vegetarian. Almost. A brief stint into veganism may be quickly evaded on discovering their second fridge packed with protein. Their ready-to-heat vacuum-sealed Asian style chicken, pulled pork and brisket are the perfect way to turn your salad box into a fuss-free feast for five. Heat the packet in a saucepan for 5 minutes and serve with your selection of salads to make a meal so impressive that your family will immediately realise there is no way you cooked it yourself. greens and grains 3You won’t be able to resist the temptation, so we encourage you to finish off your salad box with a gooey caramel slice, lovingly iced cupcake, Lucid sweets meringue or side-plate sized cookie. Even better, grab a fluffy brioche or loaf of rye made fresh by Choquette bakery for a meal truly worthy of lunch-envy. Greens and Grains are helping to keep rabbit food in vogue, with an added convenience that is sure to please busy parents, time-poor professionals, healthy foodies and anyone who’s just completely sick of eating soggy slaw out of ill-fitting Tupperware. Lettuce be the first to direct you to Greens and Grains, located at 315 Honour Avenue Graceville, open from 9am-6pm Wednesday to Sunday. Words by Kat Gridley