Diner En Blanc Brisbane 2018 - G&G

Feeling White at Home at Le Dîner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc

A night of wonder, whimsy and white. Here, in Brisbane?

For its seventh year running Le Dîner en Blanc is setting up for another night of enigmatic charm and elegance amongst the stars with metres and metres of white set to don the day.

If you know, you know.

For those who don’t, Le Dîner en Blanc is an evening of fine food, dress codes and charm. Fine food is set as the standard by you, purchase your favourite cheese, only the freshest sourdough and charcuterie that melts in the mouth, for a sundown picnic like no other.

Dress code, as set by the French, is all white, including tablecloths, tableware, chairs and only the finest threads, from millenary through to finery, all in white. Charm is brought together, by you, and the sheer number of people participating in a secret event, with the location not revealed until the night before.

Are you excited yet? Well, you should be.

This year is set to be bigger again with 500 more tickets available and waitlist’s now open for registration.

Call us old-fashioned, call us dreamers, but the idea of an event where you leave no trace and only captures a glimpse in the vast spectrum of time has got our names on the waitlist already.

For more information and to see previous years photos visit the website.

Words by Tess Allan
- The gourmand who's just worried about spillage.