February picks from Milton Fruit Bowl | The Gourmand & Gourmet

February picks from Milton Fruit Bowl

February is the hottest (and sadly, last) month of summer and the experts at Milton Fruit Bowl have dished out some of their favourite seasonal fruit and veg to help you eat to beat the heat! From fruity snacks to help cool you down on those hot afternoons to what to eat on those sweltering Summer nights when it’s too hot to fire up the oven, we asked Milton Fruit Bowl’s owners what they’ll be munching on this February to keep the heat at bay. plums Fruit pick: Queen garnet plums What to look for: A firm texture and deep red skin and flesh means that these guys are ripe and ready to eat. Best used: These plums are perfect addition to help sweeten up your breakfast, try slicing them up and adding them to your morning muesli and yoghurt. They are also perfect on their own as an on-the-go snack or served hot or cold with the dessert of your choice. broccoliniVegetable pick: Broccolini What to look for: Dark green florets and a vibrantly coloured, firm stem will tell you if your broccolini is fresh. Avoid those with yellowing florets. Best used: Broccolini is a lot more versatile and a bit sweeter than it’s distant relative: broccoli. You can blanch then grill them and pop them in a summer salad, toss them through an Asian stir fry with your other favourite veggies or even batter and fry them for a crunchy snack!