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Fast food, that isn't fast food

Medical professionals insist that water and rest is the best way to beat a hangover, but like, have they ever tried eating a 20-piece box of nuggets? Works a treat every time. Fast food is great in dire situations, but with the plethora of amazing food at our fingertips here in Brisbane, we can do better. Here is a list of places you can get some grub fast that doesn’t (always) involve shame eating your way through three serves of fries. The Lamb Shop | Bowen Hills Who doesn’t love a good kebab? Sure, its arguably most satisfying to wrap your hand around at 3am with your shoes in the other hand, but at that stage you don’t really care if it’s a good kebab or not. Next time you’re in the mood for some meaty goodness at a time when you’re not seeing two of everything, head to The Lamb Shop! With delicious souvlakis, feta covered fries, and meat plates; ewe’ll never look at kebabs the same way again. The Fishery | Milton We’ve been swimming upstream for a long time to find quality fish ‘n’ chips. Luckily, The Fishery have hooked us in with their version of the Australian classic. No oily, soggy chips here – only crunchy fries and fresh, perfectly battered fish. The rest of their menu is shrimple, but delicious with calamari, salt and pepper squid and prawn cutlets. What’s more, you won’t feel bloated and weighted down at the end of the meal! Getta Burger | South Brisbane Getta load of this place! The burgers are made from fresh, delicious ingredients, and the crispy fries are freshly fried with each serving. We suggest you try the ‘Getta Pig Out’ burger – pulled pork, crispy bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce and fries all sandwiched between two fresh buns. Plus, you can have it in your hands in the same time it takes to sit in a drive through – minus the frustration of having to deal with the dude on his phone who doesn’t notice the line is moving. Hello Chicken | Bowen Hills Ah fried chicken, the sexy sister food of the humble nugget. We love a fried chicken as much (or probably more) than the next person, but it has to be done right. Hello Chicken is frying up some clucking good bird, and they’re nice enough to give you the option between a whole or a half chicken and then take your pick between 5 different styles of chicken (not to mention 10 different kinds of sauces), to ensure ultimate birdy bliss. Govinda Pure Vegetarian | West End Trying to find something quick and easy as a vegetarian often means having to settle for a burger with the patty taken out (you should never have to settle for bread and lettuce guys, I don’t care how drunk and hungry you are). Put the days of soggy, limp fries behind you and head to Govinda’s! Their delicious selection of vegetarian Indian cuisine is so good, you definitely won’t find yourself fantasising about steak throughout the meal. Miel Container | CBD Looking for a burger that doesn’t bear resemblance to a hockey puck sandwiched between two pancakes? Of course you are. Head to the Miel Container and create your own work of burger-art! Pick a bun, a pattie, some cheese, veggies and sauces and marvel at your own culinary genius. With great power comes great responsibility, try not to mix pineapple with four kinds of cheese. Harajuku Gyoza | Various Locations If you’re looking for something cheap, delicious and kooky, look no further than Harajuku Gyoza. With a great selection of dumplings (they even have open gyozas, they’re literally Japanese tacos, amazing), inventive sides and ramen, this is the place to go when you’re looking for something yummy and easy but don’t want to risk the heat-shattering chance that you’ll encounter a broken ice cream machine. So now you know, there are cheap and easy options available that don’t involve brightly coloured, slightly creepy looking clowns. Words by Georgia Casey