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Farming food comas with Brisbane’s newest fried chicken

Look, if only to save us from the mother-of-all hangovers, fried chicken is on everyone’s bucket list. (It’s literally served in a bucket, people, come on.) If it weren’t for the mandated stretchy pants and how much we bawk at the calories, it’d be the perfect comfort food (or post-tequila pick-me-up, let’s be real). Forget that fowl frozen meal, friends – we’ve found a spot marching to the beat of their own drumstick, and it’s definitely worth chicken out. Brought to you by the team behind tasty spots like Harajuku Gyoza, Fritzenberger, and Nitrogenie, Farmer Chicken have launched an exclusively UberEATS-based menu available for delivery straight to your door, and you can bet the farm it’s better for you. Farmer Chicken cooks up Lilydale free range chicken in Combram’s extra virgin olive oil. Um, can you say ‘chick magnet’? With most other chicken fried up in canola oil, the change means 50% less transfats, 50% more antioxidants, and (as far as we’re concerned) 5000% more chicken to feast on. They also plate up a range of salads for that guilt-free food coma. Even better? There’s no need to cross the road and have your motives questioned. Perfect for when traffic is particularly fowl, UberEats will deliver dinner for the whole flock straight to your door. Here’s a (chicken) nugget of wisdom: check out Farmer Chicken’s range of diet-happy fare on UberEATS Monday – Friday from 5pm to 10pm, and weekends from 12pm to 10pm.