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Extreme eating at Rogue Bar + Bistro

So lately your Instagram page has been looking a little dull. Ever since that doughnut with a milkshake on top, and your #weekendofeating mini series, none of your photos have cracked that elusive 50 likes. Well boy do we have the solution for you: Rogue Bar + Bistro. Editor’s note: Due to the bold nature of this article, you may want to follow along with the help of Rogue’s Instagram. Forget skydiving or mountain biking, extreme eating is what awaits you here. From breakfast to dessert, each mouthful will lead your taste buds on an escapade, the likes of which your go pro has never seen before. While the spring/summer menu is coming soon, we’d suggest racing in to try their dishes now and when the new menu hits, for double the adventure! Mere plates don’t cut it at Rogue. Each meal is served on a perfectly presented board (with a handy rim so there are no spillages) – smeared, drizzled, stacked and set into the diorama of a foodie’s every dream. Take the weekend breakfast menu as an example. The deceptively simply named ‘pancakes’ are served in a stack of six. Daintily arranged around the stack is a glass of syrup, rich chocolate mousse, berries, a smear of peanut butter, a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, and a sprinkle of popcorn. You couldn’t resist taking a photo of this stack even if you don’t have an Instagram to post it on. Feel like something savory? Try the mince pot. Satisfyingly organized, this board puts buttered sourdough alongside (but not touching) a perfectly poached egg with avocado salsa. A spread of creme fraiche leads you to the motherload: a pot of rich savory mince topped with spring onions. rogue bar and bistro new farm cafe 2 If you’ve woken up too late (breakfast finishes at noon), don’t fret. The dinner and dessert menu is just as Instagramable. If the team is feeling up to the quest, make the most it with share plates like the ‘pig’ – smoked pork belly croquettes served up with dill cream cheese. But if bae just can’t choose between the pepper crusted eye fillet (cow), chicken kiev (bird) or slow roasted lamb shoulder (sheep), order The Ark. Lost no more, The Ark comes with your choice of three ‘animals’ (meat, people). Three sides with it will make sure you’ll have to unbutton the top of your jeans before you leave – we recommend the cabbage braised in red wine with feta and apple, the baked cauliflower with mozzarella and toasted anchovy crumbs and the jacket potato with coleslaw. But you might just want fat chips. As full as you might be, you can’t leave Rogue without dessert. ‘Cornflakes’ may not sound exciting, but they are everything you could want in an after dinner treat, with cereal milk semifreddo, popcorn tuile, panna cotta, brûléed banana, honeycomb, caramel and strawberry gel. Yeah, we know. You can even book the cosy restaurant (with a cute outdoor laneway we might add) and their adventurous eats for functions! Did someone say tastiest Christmas party ever? So if you’re ready for an epic food adventure, find Rogue Bar + Bistro in Newstead and be sure to have your camera at the ready. Words by Rebecca Grady