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City Winery's new monthly dinner series

Wine-ing? Check. Dining? Check.

As if their chic inner-city winery wasn’t loved enough, City Winery is launching their Chefs Dinner Series, offering guests one-off dining experiences with a fresh theme every month!

In February, “childhood favourites” is the name of the game, with sous chef Adam Smart saying that while the plan’s still coming together, a dessert with beloved childhood cereals is on the cards (it had better be Coco Pops… just saying, Adam). 

As well as being a fresh option for diners who know and love the quality of City Winery’s food, these monthly events allow its accomplished kitchen team to explore flavours and techniques that don’t feature on the menu.

“I can’t think of a better way to allow the team to express their creativity through creating food that is outside the box,” says executive chef Travis Crane.

February’s childhood favourites Chefs Dinner Series will hit tables on Sunday, February 23 from 6 pm; tickets are $75 for food only, or $110 with paired wines. Stay tuned for next month’s theme, or grab your ticket to Feb’s event here!

Words by Georgia Condon
- the gourmet who always opts for wine pairing.