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Everything you should be eating in March

We’ve made it through Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Australia Day and Valentine’s Day. Now, there’s no more stressful holidays, unwelcome relatives, and expensive gifts to buy until at least Mother’s Day. This means more dollars to spend on ticking off the best food on our bucket list. Get eating!
#1. Gangnam fries | Junk | South Bank
You won’t find any junk at this new South Bank spot, just crispy seasoned fries topped with house made kimchi, nacho cheese sauce, spring onion and nori. Along with plenty of other pan-Asian eats of course!
#2. Doughnut fries | The Doughnut Bar | Eat Street Markets
Doughnut. Fries. Yes, you read that right. The Doughnut Bar, are dishing up deep fried sticks of dough coated in cinnamon sugar with your choice of chocolate, caramel or raspberry dipping sauce. Fry to keep us away!
#3. Gnocchi | Pearl Café | Woolloongabba
Pearl Café’s brand new menu includes such mouth-watering eats like handmade gnocchi with zucchini, lemon cream, and crisp artichoke.
#4. Brisbane Ice Cream Festival | West End | March 11 | 11am-5pm
Don’t bother cone-taining your excitement – Brisbane is getting an ice cream festival and we’re all screaming for a day of ice cream sandwiches, ice cream pops, gelato and loads more!
#5. Cocowhip and kefir spider | Mylk + Ko | New Farm
It’s all our childhood dreams come true – a guilt free version of the sweet and bubbly spider with cocowhip and fruity kefir soda!
#6. Breakfast ramen | Reverends | Fortitude Valley
You’ve slurped it at noon, you’ve slurped it at night – now slurp it in the morning with Reverends eggs benedict inspired brekky ramen, complete with extra bacon!
#7. Kettle & Tin Chili Cook Off | Paddington | March 19 & 20
Love chili enough to spend an entire day eating it? You’ll want to head to Kettle & Tin’s 5th Annual Chili Cook Off on March 20 then – you’ll even get to vote for your fave from 10 of Brisbane’s chilli masters!
#8. Aperol Spritz ice blocks | The Apo | Fortitude Valley
We thought Aperol Spritz were as refreshing as they could be – then we heard The Apo has turned them into ice blocks and is serving them up to beat the heat!
#9. Cheeseburger | Burger Project | South Bank
If you haven’t had one of these grass-fed burgers down in Sydney or Melbourne, now your chance to wrap your hands around one – they’ve finally landed in South Bank!
#10. Good Morning Macro | Nodo Donuts | Newstead
Packed with tri-coloured quinoa, local greens, activated almonds, currants, avocado, and soft eggs, you’ll go do-nuts over this breakfast! Eat your heart (and stomach) out! Words by Kate Stevens