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Everything you should be eating (and avoiding) in 2017

We’re a fickle bunch us foodies – always looking for the newest and tastiest eats to sample, and chasing the hottest Insta-food trends the world round. But instead of just consulting Instagram to predict what we’ll be drooling over this year, we decided to ask some of the bigwigs in the hospitality scene what they think. Here’s what they’re convinced you should be eating this year, and leaving behind in 2016!

Alastair McLeod | Al’FreshCo

What’s your food prediction for 2017?
Plant-based dishes. Chefs often bleat about using seasonal produce, but when it goes on the plate the protein is still the hero. An increasing trend is making the plant based elements the star of the dish or, at the very least, equal billing. Fermenting is optional.
What are you hoping is left behind in 2016? 
No bookings. It’s über cool not to be able to book at a restaurant. But in a business called hospitality it’s good to know when I turn up to a restaurant that I have a table waiting for me.


What’s your food prediction for 2017?
Simplicity! People are cutting back the fluff and honing their technical skills, focusing on each element and making them earn their place. But conversely, Instagram is exploding with sensory experiential dishes or impressive plating. Something I’m still interested in is going back to the source of the source – the who, why and where.
What are you hoping is left behind in 2016? 
I think we’ve all had our fill of burgers – there’s probably enough burger restaurants now. I think sugary, coated fried bread (aka donuts) have had their time in the spotlight too.

Bianca Balharry | Bianca Eats

What’s your food prediction for 2017?
I see food becoming a more refined and simple, going back to a focus on quality ingredients, and less processed foods. People are starting to experiment more with their food choices, trying new things and appreciating good food. Plus, healthy food is here to stay! While acai bowls smashed it in 2016, green-bowls and poke-bowls are on the rise, and move over matcha, kuro goma (black sesame) is in! Or at least I hope it is, because it’s delicious.
What do you want to see more of in 2017? 
More fried chicken! I want it all! And can someone please open a restaurant that does fried chicken and waffles, better still fried chicken in a waffle cone!? And more dumplings – I want to try that giant soup dumpling that you have to drink with a straw!
What are you hoping is left behind in 2016? 
Freakshakes! Seriously! How anyone can consume one of those without getting diabetes is beyond me. While we’re at it, let’s get rid of all the weird cronut/doughnut ice cream covered dessert mash-ups. It hurts my teeth just thinking about it! Enough already!

Sammy Powers | Jan Powers Farmers Markets

 What’s your food prediction for 2017?
  • Assembling: You don’t HAVE to be the cook! With the amazing range of fresh, raw, and prepped foods we have at the markets now, and throughout Brisbane, this is easy and keeps the kitchen safe!
  • Food knowledge is the new black: The quest to know the origin and providence of food bought is now a must and a given. I love this global trend, because it means farmers and growers are perfectly placed to share their knowledge first hand. You can’t do that in a grocery store.
  • The sugar war: We predict fresh fruits will finally take the place as the rightful providers of sweetness in our foods; rather than processed sugar.
  • Food from the past: *sigh* We will see more ‘discoveries’ of food from our past – those grains and greens that have long been on menus will be suddenly thrust into the spotlight like that poor Susan Boyle years ago.
  • Condiments: The creative condiments trend will take on this year, but ours will be unique – think locally grown flavours and add-ons; rare sauces and dips; foods our indigenous sisters and brothers used and more.
What are you hoping is left behind in 2016? 
The word superfood – BIN IT. If it grows from the earth, lives on the earth, flies over the earth, it’s a superfood. Enough with ‘discovering’ foods that our ancestors and animal cousins have been choosing for millennia. Also overpriced, over-sugared, over-flavoured doughnuts – enough.

Chelsea Hawkins | Ameriaus

What’s your food prediction for 2017?
 My prediction for 2017 is that we will see more exotic or unfamiliar flavours on the menu at dessert cafes. Ube (a purple yam from the Philippines) is already taking off in the USA. I see ube cakes, doughnuts and ice cream all the time on Instagram and it looks so cool. I would love to see it come to Australia! As for beverages, living in hot and humid Queensland I was a big fan of frosé! I’d love to see more slushie cocktails on the menu at bars.
What are you hoping is left behind in 2016? 
I hope the extreme dessert craze is left behind in 2016 – more specifically, freakshakes. Things like that are more aimed to be Insta-friendly but end up being a disaster to actually eat (or drink).

David Bone | Cuttings Wine

What’s your drink prediction for 2017?
From a beverage perspective the big trends of 2016 will only continue to dominate in 2017, trends like:
  • Rosé fever: the unquenchable thirst for pale pink, dry rose styles will continue to grow. The French in particular have this style downpat, but there are plenty of Australian producers stepping up their game with all things pink. No longer an afterthought or by product of red wine making, rosé is serious business now and for the foreseeable future.
  • Prosecco pop: Prosecco is a fun, uncomplicated (and generally unsophisticated drink) that has broad appeal and this along with the surge in popularity of Aperol indicates the demand for this lemony, alcoholic soft drink will only continue to rise.
  • European varietals grown locally: Expect to see a surge in the nearly unpronounceable and start practicing now – you will be rewarded with some delicious drinks. In whites; the Austrian grape Gruner Veltliner is a great alternative to Pinot Gris while the Southern Italian gem of Vermentino can be rich like Chardonnay or crisp like Pinot Grigio. Keep an eye out for Fiano too, this textural white is also on the rise. In reds Nero d’Avola is a red grape that enjoys warm Australian climates and is a great alternative to Shiraz while Spain’s Tempranillo continues to gain momentum locally.
What are you hoping is left behind in 2016? 
I love the craft beer movement and the overall lift in quality and breadth of offer available now is fantastic, but I personally still think they need to be drinkable. Sometimes your pale ale doesn’t need a hibiscus and tangerine infusion.

Nick Miles | Sailor Jerry

What’s your drink prediction for 2017?
Bringing back classic cocktails and bottled cocktails. Piña coladas, old fashioneds, daiquiris (clearly shaken, not frozen) and of course negronis. They’ll have a wicked but subtle twist to them by using different ingredients and spirits like a dark rum in a daiquiri instead of white rum and adding salt into piña coladas and using coco lopez coconut cream (that stuff is just too tasty).
What are you hoping is left behind in 2016? 
I’d like to see the end of taking classic cocktails and absolutely destroying them – like apple martinis, really? I think people are well over lolly water drinks. If you can’t handle just a simple vodka or gin martini, don’t ruin it with a sugary version of a classic.

Mina Nada | Deliveroo

What’s your food prediction for 2017?
One of the biggest trends we are going to see this year is fried chicken. We have watched fried chicken burgers grow in popularity via our platform over the last few months, and seeing new venues such as Luke Mangan’s Chicken Confidential proves the increasing demand in the market. On the flip side, I hope to see even more healthy options coming online over the next year. Eating healthy is a priority for many Australians, but so many of us are time-poor it’s important to have a diverse range of freshly prepared, low-calorie options at our fingertips.
What are you hoping is left behind in 2016?
Doughnut burgers are a trend that I just couldn’t get behind last year. Doughnuts are great. And burgers are great. But together? I just don’t think it’s meant to be! Got a prediction of your own, or a trend you’d like to see the back of? Let us know on Facebook! Words by Ranyhyn Akui