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Everything you need to know about nitro coffee

Brace yourselves, caffeine fiends. While iced coffee may have once been the unofficial sign that summer was in full swing, these days, there’s a new brew in town. It’s called nitro coffee, and it’s coming to a coffee spot near you. A bubbly, iced cold coffee on tap, this brew is treated with nitrogen or carbon dioxide under high pressure, then chilled in a keg and poured straight from the tap. The result is a smooth, almost sweet drink that doesn’t need milk or sugar and is as refreshing as a glass of beer – only not something you want to drink after 5pm. Because be warned, this coffee is strong with a capital S, as the nitrogen is said to increases absorption rates. And if you’re the type who can’t bear the thought of their morning cuppa without caramel syrup and extra milk froth, it probably isn’t for you. But for black coffee die hards and anyone ready to tackle summer head on, it’s something to put on the must-try list. You can even mix it with milk if you’re not totally ready to give up the dairy-lights of creamy coffee. So where can you find it? Wolff Coffee Roasters is one local brewer who is making it available across Brisbane and you can find the bubbly drink on tap at their Big Bad Wolff Espresso Bar in Hendra and at the cute and quirky Queen of Pops in Clayfield. They’re also installing taps in cafes across the city, with The Tiller Coffee one of the first to get on board. If you find yourself with a thirst at the markets on a hot Saturday morning, Nitrobev has a smooth brew with your name on it. Are we ready to give up our precious cold brew to go to the dark side? Probably not altogether, after all, sweet milky coffee is pretty damn delicious. But as a refreshing alternative and a coffee drink that pairs a whole lot better with our lunch, we’re ready to give it a go. Words by Ranyhyn Akui