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Everything We'll Be Eating at Regional Flavours!

Foodies Christmas is almost upon us: Regional Flavours, our weekend pass to eat WHATEVER we want, like we don’t anyway.

It’s your right as a Queenslander to gorge yourself on the very best of our fine states produce. Ten years of foodie heaven calls for at LEAST ten tasty morsels to devour over the course of Regional Flavours, so we’ve put together the best market stalls, street eats and cooking demonstrations to sate your appetite!
  1. Kenilworth Dairies Cheeses

Rich creamy truffle bries, buckets of lush ice-cream, more feta than you’ll ever forgetta and piles of haloumi – sweet dreams are made of cheese from Kenilworth Dairies. Try a little bit of everything, it’s for a good cause! (You.)

  1. The Hunting Club Slow Cooked Goat

This is one goat you’ll want to get! The slow cooked goat from the Hunting Club is worth tracking down, especially when its paired with the collaboration ale from Merlo/Fortitude Brewing. Take a seat in the Hunting Club and size up your next kill.

  1. Kokopod Chocolate

We’re going koko-crazyyyy for these Sunny Coast treats. Blocks on blocks of luxe chocolate and crunchy little balls of chocolate covered macadamia are yours for the taking, so we suggest stuffing your pockets!

  1. Bacon Showcase by Jason Ford | Queensland Taste Stage | July 20

It’s been celebrated as the chocolate of meat, now bacon takes its rightful place – mainstage at Regional Flavours. Watch as Jason Ford showcases two of the jewells of South Burnett – peanuts and pork – in a mouth-watering cooking demonstration. Take notes people!

  1. Popolo Rum and Ginger Cocktail

All this food have you working up a thirst? The zingy rum and ginger cocktail from Popolo is sure to give you the kick you need AND keep you hydrated. We suggest sampling at least two of them – for quality control of course.

  1. Kehoe’s Kitchen

Treat yo’self to something on the healthier side with a selection of jaw dropping products from Kehoe’s Kitchen. Healthy can be just as hearty with sauerkraut, kimchi and vegan cashew cheese begging to be sampled.

  1. Zeus Street Greek Yiros

If it’s food from the god’s you’re seeking – search no more. Wrap yourself up in all things good and Greek with a lip smacking chicken or lamb yiros from Zeus Yiros! Loaded with chips, tender meat and sauces it’s the carb on carb action we’ve been waiting for.

  1. Manhattan Line Hotdogs

Hot diggity dog, Manhattan Line are serving up Americana realness with their loaded hotdogs! Get stuck into the classic NYC with beef frank, cheese, onion and ketchup or spice things up with the TJ, loaded with salsa.

  1. Streetwise: Travel Inspired Bites with Gary Mehigan | Regional Flavours Main Stage | July 21st

We’re not telling porkies when we say that missing this Masterchef masterpiece is not an option. Gary Mehigan is here to tell us to get some pork on our forks as he dishes up Poblano tortillas with crispy pork, inspired by the street food of his travels.

  1. Carcamos Caramel Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away right? Carcamo’s gourmet caramel apples are the ultimate sweet treat. Big, plump and juicy – the best A Grade Granny Smith apples are covered in premium chocolate, caramel and sweet biscuit pieces. We’ll take a dozen thanks.

Sweet or savoury, healthy or hedonistic – there’s a plate with your name on it at Regional Flavours!

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand you’ll find in a food coma Sunday afternoon.