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Self Defence in the City

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21 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019
RAVES Self Defence
Darling & Co.

When fight or flight meets fabulous.

While walking home after one too many cosmos last night, I couldn’t help but wonder… would having self defence training protect me from a potential after-dark attack? Every Tom, Dick and Carrie knows that it would, and RAVES Self Defence is set to give you an essential safety rundown over cocktails and canapés on June 21!

From 6-9pm at Darling & Co., Queensland Police ex-detective, author and 25-year personal protection expert Erin Cash will put her money where her mouth is by showing you how to properly deck a perp. Hell yeah, queen!

Both women and men are welcome to join in on the self defence extravaganza on the year. As for what to expect – think MET Gala meets punching someone in the face. This year’s theme is ‘fabulous’.

Chuck on your high heels (the perfect self defence weapon as learnt from Shrek the Third), have a bit of fun in the photo booth, win a few prizes, and most importantly, learn how to protect yourself from strangulation, weapon attacks, abduction and sexual assault.

Seriously, we shouldn’t be afraid to stroll through our own damn streets, and it’s time to take back the night!

Get confident, and get tickets here.