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Sabo Sunday Sesh

27 Nov 2016 - 27 Nov 2016
Sabotage Social
Brews and BBQ’s go together like Romeo and Juliet, except the only death here is the death of the desire to eat anything else other than beer and BBQ. The popular Valley bar, Sabotage Social, understands this boozy and smokey romance, and has created an entire event to celebrate it. They have brought together Holgate Brewhouse and The Smoke BBQ for a Sunday filled with meat, beer and music. Taste some of the best beers around from the Victorian-based Holgate Brewhouse while The Smoke BBQ, who have already proven they have chops when it comes to meat with their successful New Farm store, will be plating up some of their most delicious meats on the day. There will also be plenty of music on the say with The Gutterbirds playing their hilarious and awesome mash up covers of Soho, Jay Z, Snoop & more. It’s the Sunday sesh to end all Sunday seshs. Check out their Facebook page here to stay up to date on all the juicy details.