Izway Wine x Malt Dining Degustation

Izway Wine x Malt Dining Degustation

  • 18+
  • Booze
  • Food

With winter ending, this may be our last chance for an intimate winter’s night of wine and warmth, so let’s do something special!

It’s hard to imagine anything more unique than Izway Wine, an exceptionally high-quality, minimal intervention wine.

Ascend the stairs to level 3 of beautiful Malt Dining, where the man himself, Craig Isbel is hosting a self-designed showcase of wine complete with a matched four course degustation and cheese (because what monster drinks wine without cheese?)

To ensure this night is truly one-of-a-kind, you will have the chance to taste a previously unreleased Izway!

Summer’s right around the corner, so for maybe the last time this year, put on your fancy coat and snuggle up with a glass (actually, eight) of deliciously unique wine. It’s been a good winter, you’ve earned this!