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ChocWeek at Portside Wharf

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06 Jul 2020 - 12 Jul 2020
Portside Wharf

Chocolate isn’t a food… it’s a lifestyle.

Sweet tooths and dessert lovers, this one’s for you! From Monday, July 6 to Sunday, July 12, Portside Wharf is celebrating all things chocolate, with a stack of specials and offers to mark World Chocolate Day on July 7!

Start your chocolate odyssey with the Monochrome Jones from Mr and Mrs Jones; a dark chocolate cheesecake using Metiisto chocolate from Toowoomba with raspberry sorbet, caramelised white chocolate, and toasted cacao nibs.

Other regionally-inspired treats on offer include choccie tacos from Burrito Bar, Nutella pizza from Gusto da Gianni, and chocolate-filled sambousek pastry from Byblos Bar.

There are plenty of take-home deals too, like 2-for-1 chocolate coconut rough from Cruisers Alfresco, 125g Lindt blocks for just $3.49 from Portside IGA, and 500mL Mozart chocolate cream liqueur for $39.99 from the Sense of Taste bottleshop.

Not that we never need a reason to indulge in loads of chocolate, Portside Wharf’s ChocWeek celebrations are the perfect excuse to treat yo’ self! 

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