Brisbane's Roastery Cafés

Brisbane's Roastery Cafés

Brisbane's Roastery Cafés

When it comes to the daily grind, Brisbane is well and truly addicted.

Armed with espresso machines, percolators, plungers and coffee pots, we begin our morning with our hearts racing – not from excitement to meet the day, but from a triple shot long black freshly ground and poured into our commute-friendly travel mug. Lucky for us, we don’t have to make do with supermarket brands anymore, because there’s a latte local coffee roasters who are taking the coffee making experience to a whole new level and roasting up the best coffee in Brisbane.

Whether you grind and brew at home or get yours with a side of latte art, here’s the roasters ready to be your caffeine dealer.

Bellissimo | Fortitude Valley

Bellissimo was established in 2009, and has since become Australia’s highest awarded coffee roaster. As the name suggests, these are some beautiful beans – and we’re using any excuse to get our caffeine fix from their cosy café. With Brazillian single origin blends and Italian blends, your morning has never looked so appealing. Rise and grind!

Allpress Espresso | East Brisbane

All-impressive Allpress is for the people. Originally from New Zealand, Allpress was born in 1989, and now works with over 1,000 independent coffee roasters around the world. They use their own hot air roasting method to get a flavoursome blend of beans, and it shows in every cup of perfectly brewed coffee. 

Glee Coffee Roasters | South Brisbane 

Glee’s the name, and specialty coffee’s the game. With HQ residing on the GC, Glee Coffee Roasters live and breathe coffee, offering a range of take-home blends, as well as their house blend, “The Goods”. Founders Ben and Chris Gleeson are almost more passionate about coffee than we are about food, and that’s saying a lot – but it shows. 

Elixir Coffee | CBD

Jason and David, two Brisbane coffee brothers, carry on a family tradition that has run through their blood for generations (along with fierce passion and bulk caffeine). If it’s smooth and full-bodied coffee that you’re after, whether perfectly brewed or in bean or even coffee pod form, they’ll give you your fix. If it’s the history of the bean, some domestic machinery or just a well-informed chat you need, they’ll also give you your fix. Bonus, they also have an HQ that serves breakfast, lunch and treats.

Wolff Coffee Roasters | Hendra

Roasting single origin beans from some of the world’s best coffee farms and handcrafting blends with tasting notes that read like a fairytale – the team at Wolff Coffee Roasters make coffee drinking (and making) a bona fide craft. Book in for one of their Cupping Forums at the Wolff Röst Haus and you’ll soon learn that there’s much more to your morning brew than adding milk and sugar! Their Christmas Pudding Blend is soon to be released, so make sure you walk away with a few bags of this magical blend and a box of ice cold coffee pops to keep you cool and kick on this Summer.


With their signature blue branding, Merlo’s hole-in-the-wall coffee spots across town make us punch the air with relief every time we spot them on our coffee quests. Rich, full-flavoured and carefully crafted with the help of 15 years of experience, their private blend packs a wallop – just the way we like it. Bonus, pick up a tin of beans in store and you’ll get a free coffee for you and a friend.

Fonzie Abbott | Hamilton

Get your hands on some sweet F.A. online or at their Hamilton store and you’ll soon be sipping high-grade coffee blended from beans from around globe. With a bean of the month and rotating single origins throughout the year, there’s always a new and unusual brew to try.

Black Star Coffee Roasters | West End

Gumboots on and snapbacks tight – Black Star took a hike in the southern hemisphere to find the world’s most innovative roasting technique – following their patron saint, Matthew Lamason to brewing success. Now back in the heart of West End, these brewing masters take it upon themselves to transform the purest form of green coffee seed to the single origin brews that make your heart jump (literally).

Black Sheep Coffee | Rocklea

“Black Sheep Coffee is happy to stray from the flock when it comes to quality coffee”- not a baaad idea. These coffee connoisseurs have grown from the humble farmer’s market choice to the total fave of Gordan Ramsey (true story). After sipping their brew of liquid happiness, our insides yelled for joy – it was louder than Ramsey’s rants. For a smooth sip with body, try the Feeling Woolly blend, with no less than seven beans involved.

Now you don’t ever have to feel depresso – just go in hunt of the best coffee in Brisbane! 

Words by Ranyhyn Akui & Sophia Lunn