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End your pursuit of hoppiness at an iconic Brisbane pub

You’ve heard of ‘paddock to plate,’ right? Well now, there’s an equivalent in the beer world – brewery to bar – and it’s set to change the way you drink your favourite weekend refreshment. South Bank’s Plough Inn is the bar at the centre of this beer revolution, where 5 glittering copper tanks have just arrived, filled to the brim with the freshest Carlton Draught beer you can get your hands on, short of visiting the brewery yourself. Every fortnight, a Carlton United Breweries truck will deliver brewery fresh beer to the inner city pub, the first in Queensland to adopt the system, ensuring only the sharpest brews reach your lips. We’d certainly tap that. Why should you be excited if you’re a beer lover? Because these golden ales are decanted straight from the tank and are is unpasteurized, with no heating or air touching the beer. So what you end up with in your pint glass is a smooth beer with lower carbonation and lively characteristics you won’t find in other tap beers. It’s a serious leap in the pursuit of hoppiness. Excited yet? plough inn 3Of course, curing your ale-ments with a brew isn’t the only reason to visit The Plough Inn (though it is a good one). A real, honest to goodness pub in the heart of South Bank, this watering hole has been pouring great beer for 150 years, as well as dishing up delicious pub grub to be enjoyed over stunning views. Let’s face it, there isn’t a single one of us who hasn’t stopped in for an enormous plate of potato wedges and a kilo of chicken wings before, best eaten on the upstairs deck where you have a birds-eye view of the city skyline. But even if you’ve visited many times in the past, The Plough Inn’s new menu is reason enough to make them your next Sunday session destination. Whether you just need a hands-on snack like duck and vegetable spring rolls to pair with your ice cold beer or you have a hankering for a seriously cheesy triple cheese burger (with cheddar, gruyere AND Monterey jack cheese), there’s no chance you’ll wind up with a case of beer hanger. Even if you opt for a smoked swordfish and salmon salad – summer is coming, after all. plough inn 4If you’re prepared to share, there’s are some epic meat, seafood and vegetable boards piled with goodies like house smoked beef ribs and spicy fish tacos, but if not, there’s a juicy pile of their signature ribs or steak with your name on it, including a drunken rib fillet that is marinated in dark ale, garlic and thyme for over 24 hours. Talk about sessional food! If we’ve got you excited over the hoppenings at this iconic drinking destination, find them at 29 Stanley Street in South Bank, open 7 days a week. Words by Ranyhyn Akui