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E'cco Bistro celebrates twenty years

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Two decades is a long time to time to stay at the top of the food chain in the restaurant business, but somehow e’cco bistro has done it. Reaching 20 years as a stalwart of the Brisbane dining scene this month, the award-winning restaurant celebrated with a very grown-up transformation, unveiling a sophisticated new dining room and bar space and seductive new menu. Chef Phillip Johnson has kept to his formula of simple, honest food (because let’s face it, it’s a winning formula) but taken classic dishes and put an e’cco stamp on them for the restaurants new menu fare. A few best-loved dishes remain, some perfect as they are, like the signature mushrooms on toast (a savoury starter far tastier than it sounds), but some with a new lease on life, like the famed gnocchi which has been refreshed with clams, prosciutto and a tomato and basil sauce. Seared scallops with potato carbonara is a unique and fresh take on an Italian favourite, demonstrating the expertise in the kitchen that has kept E’cco patrons coming back for more for 20 years, with mouth-watering golden scallops and rich potato pasta that somehow improves on its floury cousin. For mains, don’t let the vaguely burger-like title of the ‘chicken supreme’ convince you to go with the lamb, it really is quite supreme. We couldn’t help but be intrigued by the menu item and were rewarded with tender chicken breast with a golden crust on a bed of soft, buttery mash with tangy artichoke hearts and crunchy bacon bites. Perfection. Even the sides reflect E’cco’s new energy. Dauphinoise sweet potato and stilton is a rich, comforting pot of cheesy deliciousness, while crisp broccoli with almonds and the hint of honey will more than appease the greenery lovers. And then there’s dessert. E’cco has made the sweet course an agonizing decision, with the choice of a hazelnut ice cream sandwich with salted caramel and a dollop of tart raspberry sorbet alongside choc fudge brownies with peanut praline, cherry and vanilla, Eton mess style. Whatever you finally settle on, be sure to add a fresh baked choc-chip cookie (seriously, there’s an 8 minute wait while it’s baked) for the irresistible price of a dollar. For afters, an espresso martini will have you buzzing, and we simply adore that the restaurant has positioned it right where it should be, under tea and coffee in the menu. Making it perfectly acceptable to order 3 of them. With all this delectable indulgence, we’re sure e’cco will be around for at least another 20 years. Words by Ranyhyn Akui