New app EatClub launches in Brisbane.

The Secret Club You'll Want To Join


Attention couch potatoes - EatClub is here to save you from your sloppy self, and save some bucks while tucking into the best meals in town.

After scoring hordes of fans in Sydney and Melbourne, EatClub has finally arrived in Brisbane, with restaurants already in the crew including Melt Brothers, Harajuku Gyoza (cheap saké, anyone?), and Philip Johnson’s e’cco Bistro- fancy!

A last-minute deals app designed to help restaurants to fill their empty seats, EatClub was developed with the help of Marco Pierre White (Masterchef fans, we hear you screaming), and comes with a tempting 20-50% discount off your total bill, including drinks!

In a time when dining out can feel like a rare luxury, EatClub wants to encourage diners to experience Australia’s fab restaurant scene with their time-limited, live deals. The app works by letting restaurants immediately advertise their empty tables for you to snap up at a discounted rate. The only catch? You have to be in the venue before a certain time, so no dawdling!

With a minimum discount of 20%, and a huge range of restaurants to choose from around the clock, this is one club you’ll definitely want to join.


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Words by Georgia Condon
- the gourmand who'll never turn down a cheap dinner.