Dive into Moroccan Cuisine at Mecca Bah

Eat Your Way To Enlightenment At Mecca Bah

Mecca Bah Brisbane

If Mecca Bah was a person, it would be your super generous, slightly eclectic aunty who is always trying to feed you.

Well-travelled, full of stories and larger than life, she’ll never tell you off for not eating your veggies, ignores all your flaws and ALWAYS encourages seconds. Walking into the exotic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean inspired restaurant feels like coming home, and we’re always keen for a visit.

The perfect place to enjoy long lunches over wines, snack on share plates and cocktails and stuff yourself silly with Turkish pizzas, this is not a time to scrimp on the servings or just grab a couple of entrees – Mecca Bah wants to feed you, so fling that undeserving diet into the Brisbane river where it belongs and get stuck in to our guide to eating your way to Mecca!

Get messy with Meze

Devour baked haloumi with pomegranate, mint and lemon, spicy lamb and pine nut boureks, Moroccan fired cauliflower with tahini sauce and piles of za’atar bread with dips.

Get Grillin’

Move onto mountains of succulent grilled morsels of octopus with radish, mixed greens and garlic skordalia, short beef ribs with harissa and crispy skin barramundi with toasted tomato and walnut.

Carbs = Happiness

We’re all about carb-loading, and it wouldn’t be a Middle Eastern feast without a vat of couscous! Tuck into lamb tagine with preserved lemon, green olives and harissa, or chow down on chicken with cinnamon, raisins and almonds – all served with bowls of fluffy couscous.

Treat yo’self

Dehydrated? Quench that thirst with a refreshing Lychee Mojito – white run, lychee juice and mint, and soda, or a sweet Pink Temptation with pink moscato, strawberries, mint and lemon.

Sweeten the deal

Finish your feast with a selection of sticky sweets, from yogurt, semolina and pistachio cake, orange blossom cheesecake and decadent Turkish Delight brownies. Sip on a strong Turkish coffee and wave away just one more wafer-thin mint – it’s time to roll on home.


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Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who is basically Mr Creosote.