Eat Your Way To a Summer Bod With Nourish'd

Eat Your Way To A Summer Bod With Nourish'd

If your relationship with winter comfort food has become clingy and your summer bod goals are becoming relative to dunking a car through a basketball hoop, it’s time to take the fast track to fitspiration with Nourish’d.

Previously known as the popular paleo meal delivery service Caveman Kitchen, Nourish’d is ringing in a new era of healthy and delicious pre-made meals with the addition of keto and low carb options, as well as your paleo favourites.

All you’ve gotta do is choose your meal and you can expect gluten & preservative free eats with no added sugars delivered straight to your door – minimal effort has never tasted better!

Just finished working out and making dinner sounds like climbing Everest in a pair of budgie smugglers? Nourish’d is here to help with their range of eats in three portion sizes, (Standard, Large and Athlete) with options like Jambalaya, Beef Massaman Curry and Chicken and Walnut Risotto.

If commitment isn’t your strong suit (gym who? We don’t know him), don’t stress – you’ve got the option of recurring orders or just a one off, non-committal deal. Nourish’d makes the decision easy with their plans starting at 5 meals, and the choice of eats are all yours to make (Personally, we’re all about their Mediterranean Pesto Chicken).

Get Nourish’d and you’ll find yourself emerging from winter like a butterfly fresh out of a jumper cocoon with the beach bod of your dreams.

For $25 off your first order with Nourish’d, simply use the code GOURMET25 at the checkout.

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Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who will do anything to not have to cook for herself.