Our Guide to Hikes and Breweries

Drinking In Nature - And Beers: Our Guide to Hikes and Breweries

Hiking. Nature. The great outdoors. The tranquillity, majesty of animals and the environment. The thirst for beer that follows.

We’re all about balance here at the G&G, which means we like to get out an explore, but we also like to punish a few cheeky brewskis afterward. So we’ve put together the ultimate guide to hiking, and the inevitable brewery visit that follows.


After conquering the Witches Chase track and admiring the red cedars and eucalypt forests of Mt Tamborine you’ve earnt yourself a cheeky bevvo or two. Settle into Fortitude Brewing Co and order yourself a tasting board. Try not to down them all in three seconds by teaming them with a BBQ pulled pork pizza and some beer battered onion rings.


Tumgun lookout isn’t going to know what hit it after Hurricane YOU cruises through! Drink in the rugged Burleigh Heads coastline work up a sweat. We know that hydration is key, so we recommend making a beeline to Black Hops after your hike – if for nothing more than your own well-being. Sink a casual Beach house Saison or Pink Mist Farmhouse Ale and reminisce about the shark you’re SURE you saw.


Dodge the holiday makers and yuppies along the boardwalk and make your way to Devil’s Cauldron. Sneak in a dip at Tea Tree and look out for those drop bears – you’re in Noosa baby. After you’ve burnt off that brekky burger it’s time to refuel at Land & Sea. Tuck into Memphis BBQ spare ribs, arancini balls and of course – glorious beer. Grab a tasting paddle and sip your way through their Kolsch, IPA and English Pale Ale.


Make the switch and head west to Ipswich! Climb Flinders Peak to admire views of the ranges, Mt Blaine and Toowoomba. Everything the light touches will one day be yours, but for now you can at least get a pint from Pumpyard. Hightail it to the 4 Hearts brewery to stuff your face with house made falafels, fried calamari and juicy pork sliders whilst knocking back new world pilsners and golden ales.


Take in the lush Gold Coast hinterland with a hike around beautiful Currumbin. Whether you’re a birdwatching enthusiast or just want to zen out in nature, Currumbin is heaven on earth. Take a dip in the rock pools before drying off and splashing over to Balter to crush a couple of pilsners.


They don’t call it the Scenic Rim for nothing, and Mt Barney is pulling out all the stops with its walking tracks. Keep it chill with the tracks around Mt Greville or go full Bear Grylls and climb Mount Barney via the South Ridge. After you’ve emerged from the bush, exhausted and limping head straight to Scenic Rim Brewery. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Stuff fries, loaded chilli beef fries and cheese kransky hotdogs into your mouth and wash them down with ginger beer or maroon ales. Bliss.

Remember – hiking prevents beer guts. Hike early, hike often – but always hydrate afterwards.

Words by Emma Callaghan
- The gourmand whose camel pack is full of IPA.