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Drink banter with Tom Lyons

A bartender’s knowledge is sacred. It opens you up to the wonderful sagas behind the glass. Jellyfish bartender Tom has a few tales of his own, and they’re mighty tasty. What’s one thing about yourself that most people don’t know? I once ended up living in Canada for two years after a series of escalating dares. What’s your drink of choice? Caribbean or South American rum! What’s something in your spirit collection that would surprise people? Nepalese coronation rum, it comes in a hand blown glass dagger. If you could prepare a drink for anyone in this world, who would it be, and what would you serve? Hunter S Thompson: Whiskey with a side of cigarettes. What are three cocktail ingredients can’t live without? Egg whites, fresh citrus fruits and cassia bark.  

Signature Jellyfish Cocktail: Sailors Warning

50ml Golden rum 10ml Spiced black rum Orange Lime Served Tall   Squeeze 15ml each of orange and lime juice into a glass. Pour in Golden Rum. Add ice, top with ginger beer. Float black spiced rum on top. Garnish with orange and lime pieces.