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Drink Banter with Jeremy Kilvington

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Jeremy Kilvington is the king of the cocktail, crafting some of the most delicious drinks in town. You may have spotted his famous French Martini in our Hidden Food Secrets of Brisbane article. In one sentence, what is your drink philosophy? Fast, fresh and simple. Who are the three people (dead or alive) you would ask to have a drink with you? What would you make them? Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones and Don LaFontaine. I can’t see them as the kind of guys with pina coladas in hand, so something simple like a scotch. It would be the best sounding trio around! First cocktail you ever ‘mastered’? It’s super simple, but the Cosmopolitan was the first cocktail I ever made for a customer. I was 17 and shaky but I managed to make it without spilling any or checking the recipe book. The customer was happy and it gave me a little ego boost to make it again and again (and again) with confidence and helped kick started my interest in cocktails. Most popular cocktail made at Bravo? Why do you think it’s so popular? Our amaretto and passionfruit sour is the clear winner. It’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s fruity, it’s nutty, it’s never failed us! It’s the drink that we stick in front of your face if you’re umming and arring over which one to get. What is the most underrated ingredient in a drink that people don’t think about? Sugar! Sugar is a flavour enhancer which, if used correctly, brings the drink to life. It has the ability to brighten those fruity flavours without making the drink noticibly sweet, as long as you don’t over do it. Sugar is to cocktails what salt it to cooking, so use it wisely! What was the most unexpectedly delicious flavour combination you’ve come across? Probably aniseed and passionfruit. I hate licorice at the best of times, so when I tried a light aniseed sugar syrup mixed with passionfruit I was quite surprised! As long as you don’t go too heavy on the anise a completely new and very pleasant flavour pokes its head out. You have arrived home from a busy day at Bravo and want to make yourself a nightcap – what would you create? I think the last thing I feel like doing after a busy day at bravo is making myself a cocktail! I’ll either have an ice cold beer or a good rum and coke (or ten).