Doughnut fries are now a thing! | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Doughnut fries are now a thing!

You’ve had doughnuts filled with jam, doughnuts on top of milkshakes, and doughnut burgers, but now feast your eyes on the latest doughnut craze to hit our nation – doughnut fries. Thin, crispy and all too ready to dip in chocolate, caramel or sweet raspberry sauce, these babies have been born right here in Brisbane, so you don’t even have to go far to get your hands on them. And who came up with this ingenious creation? The people who brought us doughnut cones, cronuts and milky buns of course – The Doughnut Bar. For now you can only get them at Eat Street, but we’re living in hope we can get them in city one day. If it looks like a vegetable, it’s an acceptable lunch, right? Words by Ranyhyn Akui