Brisbane Food & Wine Tours

Discover hidden bites with Brisbane Food and Wine Tours

Brisbane Food and Wine Tours

Live your Anthony Bourdain dreams (sans globetrotting) with Brisbane Food and Wine tours, coming soon to the restaurants, bars, and cafes of our town.

The newly launched venture from Karen Inglis-Turner is a next-level addition to Brisbane’s busy foodie scene, combining menu highlights, hotspots, and industry knowledge into some seriously jam-packed experiences.

Following from the huge success of Gold Coast Food and Wine tours, the Brisbane version will follow a similar structure, with tours including Brisbane Hidden Bars, the Taste of Brisbane Food and Wine Tour, and the Best of Brisbane Progressive Dinner!

Karen’s been running the Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours for three years, and says the move to include Brisbane is to meet an explosion of interest in food and wine experiences, fuelled by shows like Chef’s Table and the growing movement to understand where and how food is sourced.

“Food is on trend right now, people want to know where to eat and drink and they are becoming more aware of the time and effort that goes into its preparation.”

“High-quality dining experiences have put Brisbane on the map as a destination for food lovers, with food tourism becoming one of the fastest growing markets throughout Australia,” says Karen.

Whether you’re a long-term Brisbanite looking to uncover some new faves or a fresh face hoping to get the lay of the land, an all-access pass to Brisbane’s best venues is a great place to start. Popular for birthday parties, corporate groups, or just a dinner with a difference, Brisbane Food and Wine Tours are your ticket to all things tasty in Brisbane!

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Words by Georgia Condon
- the gourmet who rewatches Chef's Table