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Dining in The Dark: Brisbane’s never-before-seen culinary experience!

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Forks at the ready, Brisbane! It’s time to take a stab in the dark with The Mix Bar’s new feasting concept.

Black out Thursday nights from 6pm in your diaries, foodies – Woolloongabba’s The Mix Bar is offering a unique, sensory degustation experience that can’t be missed!

Dining in the Dark is the latest luxury dining concept to arrive in Brisbane, which offers to light up guest’s tastebuds by having them dine in (you guessed it!) complete and utter darkness.

Perfect for those looking to mix up their next date night, or put their foodie skills to the test, this decadent Mix Bar dinner is set to elevate your sense of taste and smell by taking sight away.

What’s on the menu, you ask? Well, that’s yet to be seen… literally.

Not wanting to keep you in the dark, however, we will tell you that the seasonal mystery menu contains three flavoursome courses that one can enjoy over the dinner’s 90-minute duration.

As a dining-in-the-dark experience, foodies should also note that no light is allowed, which means surrendering cameras and mobile phones at the door.

But since it’s too dark for those Insta-worthy shots, who needs them anyway?

If you do hear to occasional bump in the night while dining, don’t stress! That would be The Mix Bar waiters, who will be serving out meals without incident thanks to nifty night vision goggles.

Intrigued, Brisbane? Well, don’t just wait and (not) see!

Head here to book your dining in the dark experience at the Mix Bar.

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand who knows where she’s taking her next blind date.