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Devour $8 Malaysian classics at PappaRich

No dodgy party pies or pass the parcel at this eighth birthday party!

PappaRich, one of our all-time favourite Malaysian spots, is celebrating its eighth birthday with two flavourful weeks of $8 specials.

Whether you like it spicy (hello sambal) or sweet, PappaRich’s Malaysian fusion perfectly marries Chinese, Indian and Malay flavours to create balanced, moreish dishes. Luckily for us and our constant cravings (and lack of willpower), PappaRich has eateries all around the country, and just so happen to be putting on a pretty epic b-day special…

Between March 16 and 29, PappaRich are dishing up some of their classics for just eight bucks, with a different dish highlighted each and every day. Kicking things off with a delicious bang on Monday, March 16, you can snag three roti canais for only eight big ones, before you dig into an $8 chicken curry laksa on the Wednesday. 

We’re also holding out for Wednesday, March 25, when (our personal favourite) fried chicken Nasi Lemak is available for just eight dollarydoos, and Thursday, March 26, when we can pick up two iced lemon teas for, you guessed it, $8. 

Prepare to taste the best of Malaysian cuisine as part of PappaRich’s eighth birthday celebrations this month. And – the best part – you don’t even have to bring a present to the party! Just your appetite (and eight dollars, obvs).

Selamat hari lahir, PappaRich!