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Desserts of the world

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Sweet-tooths are hard done by. Sure, everyone loves chocolate, but when it comes to the iconic dishes of the world the focus seems to be on the savoury end of the scale. We know that pasta is from Italy, and sushi is from Japan, but could you name Portugal’s signature sugary treat? With the Gourmand and Gourmet’s guide to iconic desserts of the world, now you can. Churros | Spain Also known as Spanish doughnuts, churros are sticks of sugar-dusted goodness made by deep frying pastry dough until it’s melt-in-your-mouth crisp. They are said to be the result of a failed attempt to copy a different dish from China – if that’s not serendipity I don’t know what is. Make it yourself: The Overwhelmed Woman Where to find it: Ole Spanish Restaurant | South Bank Pastel de Nata | Portugal Portugal’s favourite flaky, eggy custard tarts came about after nuns used egg whites to starch their habits and got creative with the left over yolks. Lucky for us that they didn’t have Omo. Make it yourself: Leites Culinaria Where to find it: Brisbane Portuguese Club | Pinkenba Baklava | Turkey Layers of filo pastry, chopped nuts, honey, more pastry, more honey, more honey. Baklava is a syrupy, drippy miracle. Make it yourself: Chef In You Where to find it: Nono’s | Red Hill Sticky Rice with Mango | Thailand The mango is not just a side but the star of the dish, with the sticky coconut rice made to complement it. Unfortunately this means the treat is only available some of the year, so add it to your summer to-do list. Make it yourself: She Simmers Where to find it: Siam | South Bank This is by no means an exhaustive list on how to sugar-coma your way around the globe – we have an entire list of Italian desserts alone – but a journey of a thousand desserts begins with a single churro. All the best on your confectionary adventures! Words by Jessimin Horder.