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Design your own pizzas at the CBD’s newest pizzeria!

Our addiction to pizza hardly needs explaining. Carbs, cheese and salami? It’s our three favourite food groups all rolled into one. But sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect pizza – one with all our favourite toppings and not an anchovy in sight. But now, Fratelli Famous is here to turn your ideal pizza into a reality, and it won’t even break the budget! Now open at Eagle Street Pier, Fratelli Famous is already, well, famous in the southern states for fast-fired pizzas, a current craze in the US. Cooked in dual gas and wood fired pizza ovens, they retain a consistent super-high heat – around 400 degrees – throughout the cooking process.  No matter how many pizzas go through the oven, it simply won’t cool down. Bonus, here you don’t have to settle for chorizo if you actually want meatballs, or roasted pineapple when you’d really just prefer extra ham – you can design your own pizza and have it cooked to golden, cheesy perfection in just 90 seconds flat. This is where these first-of-a-kind pizzas in Australia live up to their fast-fired fame. fratelli-2These thoughtful pizza experts even cater for vegans and gluten intolerant folk, with gluten free pizza bases and the option of vegan cheese. Off the carb train until at least March? Just take all those pizza toppings and turn them into a salad! Eating our greens just got a whole lot more enticing. If you’re wondering just what toppings you can choose from, they’ve got all the classics, plus a few more. First choose a Napolitan, sourdough or gluten free base, then start with a sauce (we’re partial to the tomato and oregano ourselves). Next choose a cheese (or three – mozzarella, parmesan AND gorgonzola? Yes please!), then get adventurous with meat and veg like nduja, chicken, bacon, olives, roasted capsicum and plenty more! Of course, if it’s all too overwhelming for you, you can just opt for one of their signature pizzas, like the spicy Meat Inferno, the Bianca All Cheese or the Chorizo with Spanish onion and grilled eggplant. Just make sure you finish things off with some of their Nutella pizza or house made gelatos – you don’t even need to think about that decision. Already imagining your perfect pizza? Fratelli Famous are now open at Eagle Street Pier, with plenty of seating inside and out for you to enjoy your creation, along with a few drinks, 7 days a week from 11am-10pm. Words by Ranyhyn Akui